All the Single Ladies



You see, the problem is that I like drinking red wine alone more than I like doing just about anything with another human. And no mom, I’m not an alcoholic, I promise. I’m just another lady in her mid-twenties who has it all figured out – except when it comes to dating and having  a real life relationship.

I like being alone, but maybe it’s time I stop canceling first dates and stop avoiding relationships. Because that seems reasonable, and I’m reasonable every so often.


When people ask the dreaded “why are you single?” question my answer is always, “I hate people.” While this isn’t ENTIRELY true, it sums up why dating and men fall around #8 or #9 on my list of priorities. I also have abnormally high standards of what I want in a fella, and I refuse to settle.

Let’s be real, it’s easier to say I hate everyone. Here’s to new adventures in dating and trying to be a TAD less cynical about this whole damn thing.


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